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GEOS RFC 10 - Move Project to GitHub

RFC 10 Move Project to GitHub
Author Paul Ramsey
Status Accepted, November 9, 2021

GitHub has been the largest source of 3rd party code contribution via pull-requests for some time now.

Moving to Github has the following components:

  • Move the canonical (writeable) repository to GitHub
  • Migrate the (current, useful) contents of the Trac wiki to the new web framework
  • Deleting the migrated and out-of-date contents of the Trac wiki
  • Switching the Trac tickets to read-only
  • Web scraping the Trac ticket contents and placing in a geos-old-tickets repo

At that point:

  • New code is pushed to GitHub
  • New issues are filed at GitHub
  • New documentation is committed to the repository

This should unlock:

  • Easier path for new contributors to discover and assist with the project
  • Easier collaboration with downstream projects
  • Far easier story on “how to we manage the project” and “where the important things happen”
  • Far less dependence on individual contributors for infrastructure work that only they can do