GEOS  3.12.0dev
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geos::geom::Dimension Class Reference

#include <Dimension.h>

Public Types

enum  DimensionType {
  DONTCARE = -3 , True = -2 , False = -1 , P = 0 ,
  L = 1 , A = 2

Static Public Member Functions

static char toDimensionSymbol (int dimensionValue)
static int toDimensionValue (char dimensionSymbol)

Detailed Description

Constants representing the dimensions of a point, a curve and a surface.

Also, constants representing the dimensions of the empty geometry and non-empty geometries, and a wildcard dimension meaning "any dimension".

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ DimensionType


Dimension value for any dimension (= {FALSE, TRUE}).


Dimension value of non-empty geometries (= {P, L, A}).


Dimension value of the empty geometry (-1).

Dimension value of a point (0).

Dimension value of a curve (1).

Dimension value of a surface (2).

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