GEOS  3.11.0beta3
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geos::io::WKTReader Class Reference

WKT parser class; see also WKTWriter. More...

#include <WKTReader.h>

Public Member Functions

 WKTReader (const geom::GeometryFactory &gf)
 Initialize parser with given GeometryFactory. More...
 WKTReader (const geom::GeometryFactory *gf)
 WKTReader ()
 Initialize parser with default GeometryFactory. More...
void setFixStructure (bool doFixStructure)
template<typename T >
std::unique_ptr< T > read (const std::string &wkt) const
 Parse a WKT string returning a Geometry.
std::unique_ptr< geom::Geometryread (const std::string &wellKnownText) const

Protected Member Functions

std::unique_ptr< geom::CoordinateSequencegetCoordinates (io::StringTokenizer *tokenizer) const
std::unique_ptr< geom::GeometryreadGeometryTaggedText (io::StringTokenizer *tokenizer) const
std::unique_ptr< geom::PointreadPointText (io::StringTokenizer *tokenizer) const
std::unique_ptr< geom::LineStringreadLineStringText (io::StringTokenizer *tokenizer) const
std::unique_ptr< geom::LinearRingreadLinearRingText (io::StringTokenizer *tokenizer) const
std::unique_ptr< geom::MultiPointreadMultiPointText (io::StringTokenizer *tokenizer) const
std::unique_ptr< geom::PolygonreadPolygonText (io::StringTokenizer *tokenizer) const
std::unique_ptr< geom::MultiLineStringreadMultiLineStringText (io::StringTokenizer *tokenizer) const
std::unique_ptr< geom::MultiPolygonreadMultiPolygonText (io::StringTokenizer *tokenizer) const
std::unique_ptr< geom::GeometryCollectionreadGeometryCollectionText (io::StringTokenizer *tokenizer) const

Static Protected Member Functions

static double getNextNumber (io::StringTokenizer *tokenizer)
static std::string getNextEmptyOrOpener (io::StringTokenizer *tokenizer, std::size_t &dim)
static std::string getNextCloserOrComma (io::StringTokenizer *tokenizer)
static std::string getNextCloser (io::StringTokenizer *tokenizer)
static std::string getNextWord (io::StringTokenizer *tokenizer)

Detailed Description

WKT parser class; see also WKTWriter.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ WKTReader() [1/3]

geos::io::WKTReader::WKTReader ( const geom::GeometryFactory gf)

Initialize parser with given GeometryFactory.

Note that all Geometry objects created by the parser will contain a pointer to the given factory so be sure you'll keep the factory alive for the whole WKTReader and created Geometry life.

◆ WKTReader() [2/3]

geos::io::WKTReader::WKTReader ( const geom::GeometryFactory gf)
in 3.4.0

◆ WKTReader() [3/3]

geos::io::WKTReader::WKTReader ( )

Initialize parser with default GeometryFactory.

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