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geos::operation::overlayng::UnaryUnionNG::NGUnionStrategy Class Reference

#include <UnaryUnionNG.h>

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Public Member Functions

 NGUnionStrategy (const PrecisionModel &p_pm)
std::unique_ptr< geom::GeometryUnion (const geom::Geometry *g0, const geom::Geometry *g1) override
bool isFloatingPrecision () const override
- Public Member Functions inherited from geos::operation::geounion::UnionStrategy
virtual std::unique_ptr< geom::GeometryUnion (std::unique_ptr< geom::Geometry > &&, std::unique_ptr< geom::Geometry > &&)

Detailed Description

Strategy class for NG unions.

Member Function Documentation

◆ isFloatingPrecision()

bool geos::operation::overlayng::UnaryUnionNG::NGUnionStrategy::isFloatingPrecision ( ) const

Indicates whether the union function operates using a floating (full) precision model. If this is the case, then the unary union code can make use of the operation::union::OverlapUnion performance optimization, and perhaps other optimizations as well. Otherwise, the union result extent may not be the same as the extent of the inputs, which prevents using some optimizations.

Implements geos::operation::geounion::UnionStrategy.

◆ Union()

std::unique_ptr<geom::Geometry> geos::operation::overlayng::UnaryUnionNG::NGUnionStrategy::Union ( const geom::Geometry ,
const geom::Geometry  

Computes the union of two geometries. This method may throw a util::TopologyException if one is encountered

Implements geos::operation::geounion::UnionStrategy.

References geos::operation::overlayng::OverlayNG::overlay().

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