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geos::algorithm::ConvexHull Class Reference

Computes the convex hull of a Geometry. More...

#include <ConvexHull.h>

Public Member Functions

 ConvexHull (const geom::Geometry *newGeometry)
std::unique_ptr< geom::GeometrygetConvexHull ()

Detailed Description

Computes the convex hull of a Geometry.

The convex hull is the smallest convex Geometry that contains all the points in the input Geometry.

Uses the Graham Scan algorithm.

Last port: algorithm/ rev. 1.26 (JTS-1.7)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ConvexHull()

geos::algorithm::ConvexHull::ConvexHull ( const geom::Geometry newGeometry)

Create a new convex hull construction for the input Geometry.

Member Function Documentation

◆ getConvexHull()

std::unique_ptr<geom::Geometry> geos::algorithm::ConvexHull::getConvexHull ( )

Returns a Geometry that represents the convex hull of the input geometry. The returned geometry contains the minimal number of points needed to represent the convex hull. In particular, no more than two consecutive points will be collinear.

if the convex hull contains 3 or more points, a Polygon; 2 points, a LineString; 1 point, a Point; 0 points, an empty GeometryCollection.

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