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Version 3.10.0

The 3.10 release of GEOS is now available to download.

  • This release includes the following new features in the C API (and of course underlying changes to the C++ code to support these features):

    • CAPI additions for testing whether geometries are within a distance of each other, GEOSDistanceWithin and GEOSPreparedDistanceWithin
    • CAPI addition for adding extra vertices to a geometry, GEOSDensify
    • CAPI additions for high-performance construction/reading of coordinate sequences from/to memory buffers, GEOSCoordSeq_copyFromArrays, GEOSCoordSeq_copyFromBuffer, GEOSCoordSeq_copyToArrays, and GEOSCoordSeq_copyToBuffer
    • CAPI addition for new validity enforement algorithm, GEOSMakeValidWithParams
    • CAPI addition for ISO WKB output, GEOSWKBWriter_getFlavor and GEOSWKBWriter_setFlavor
    • CAPI addition to create a constrained delaunay of polygonal input, GEOSConstrainedDelaunayTriangulation
  • There is a new utility for running arbitrary GEOS commands against input files, geosop. See the user guide for examples.

  • The C API is now fully documented and available as a reference document.

  • The IsValidOp and IsSimpleOp have been re-written for higher performance in general and faster response for “simple” cases of invalidity.

  • The STRtree has been replaced with a templated version that is even faster than before. This has improved algorithm performance across the board.

  • There have been numerous other bug fixes and performance tweaks.