geosop is a CLI (command-line interface) for GEOS. It can be used to:

  • Run GEOS operations on one or many geometries
  • Output geometry resuls in various formats (WKT and WKB)
  • Convert between WKT and WKB
  • Time the performance of operations
  • Check for memory leaks in operations
  • Check the semantics of GEOS operations

For more information see the README.


The geosop executable is in bin.

  • Print usage instructions
  • Print usage instructions and list of available operations
    bin/geosop --help
  • Read a file of geometries in WKT and output them as WKB
    bin/geosop -a geoms.wkt -f wkb
  • Compute the area of geometries in a WKT file and output them as text
    bin/geosop -a geoms.wkt --format=txt area
  • Compute the centroids of geometries in a WKT file and output them as WKT
    bin/geosop -a geoms.wkt -f wkt centroid

JTS TestBuilder

The JTS TestBuilder can be useful for creating, visualizing and processing GEOS geometry. Because GEOS and JTS are so closely related it can also be used as a way of verifying GEOS behaviour. For more information see the JTS doc.