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Testing executables are in bin

Unit Tests

The GEOS unit tests are written using the TUT framework. There are tests for both the C++ code and the C API. The test source files are in the test/unit directory. The test group names are in the group declaration in each XXXTest.cpp file. By convention the test group name is based on the test file path and name.

The entire set of unit tests is run by calling the test_geos_unit executable:

$ bin/test_geos_unit                  # Run all tests

The unit tests groups can be listed:

$ bin/test_geos_unit --list           # List all test groups

Individual unit test groups can be run by calling test_geos_unit with the test group name:

$ bin/test_geos_unit capi::GEOSBuffer   # Run a single group of tests

Individual tests within a test group can be run by specifying the group name and test number:

$ bin/test_geos_unit capi::GEOSBuffer 1

XML Tests

The XML test suite is a set of portable, declarative tests which can be run in both GEOS and JTS. They are located in ../geos/tests/xmltester/tests. XML tests can be run using test_xmltester:

bin/test_xmltester ../geos/tests/xmltester/tests/robust/overlay/TestOverlay-geos-837.xml

The XML Tester provides the following options:

Usage: bin/test_xmltester [options] <test> [<test> ...]
 -v                  Verbose mode (multiple -v increment verbosity)
--test-valid-output  Test output validity
--test-valid-input   Test input validity
--sql-output         Produce SQL output
--wkb-output         Print Geometries as HEXWKB

Performance Tests

There are performance tests which are built, but not run as part of the standard test suite. These can be run from the command line:

$ bin/perf_iterated_buffer