Version 3.10.2

The 3.10.2 release of GEOS is now available to download.

This release is a bug fix release.

  • Fix crash in MonotoneChain with empty CoordinateSequence (GH-539, Sandro Santilli)
  • Fix crash in GeoJSONWriter in case of empty points (TRAC-1139, Paul Ramsey)
  • Improve BuildArea performance (TRAC-1122, Sandro Santilli)
  • Fix unaryUnion to avoid segfault with empty polygon (GH-501, Mike Taves)
  • Fix memory leak on exception in prepared geometry (GH-506, Dan Baston)
  • Iterator invalidation in rare cases (GH-508, Momtchil Momtchev)
  • Infinite loop on collapsed input to MaximumInscribedCircle (Paul Ramsey)
  • Write LinearRing to GeoJSON as LineString (TRAC-1140, Paul Ramsey)
  • Fix PolygonEarClipper to handle collapsed corners (GH-526, Martin Davis)
  • Fix GEOSSTRtree_remove for empty tree (GH-544, Dan Baston)
  • Fix crash on query of STRtree with removed items (GH-545, Dan Baston)q