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Version 3.10.3

As part of a batch release of patches for all stable branches, the 3.10.3 release of GEOS is now available to download.

Release notes for the various branches are available: 3.7.4, 3.8.3, 3.9.3 and 3.10.3.

The 3.10.3 release is a bug fix release.

  • VoronoiDiagramBuilder::setSites(const CoordinateSequence&) return sorted (GH-551)
  • Add SnappingNoder seeding (Martin Davis)
  • Fix RelateOp (and intersects predicate) for lines with intersections very near boundary (GH-570, Martin Davis)
  • Fix segfault in Hausdorff distance with empty geometries (GH-569)
  • Fix inf loop in PolygonTriangulator (GH-574, Andrew Stelter)
  • Fix short circuit from TemplateSTRtree query (GH-577, Andrew Stelter)
  • Fix IsValidOp to handle repeated node points (JTS-845, Martin Davis)
  • Fix IsSimpleOp to handle closed LineStrings with repeated endpoints (JTS-851, Martin Davis)
  • Add OverlayNG area check heuristic (JTS-812, Paul Ramsey)
  • Improve test_geos_unit application error checking and reporting (Martin Davis)
  • Fix LengthIndexedLine (via LengthLocationMap fix) (JTS-859, Martin Davis)
  • Fix PolygonHoleJoiner (JTS-862, Martin Davis)
  • Fix crash in GeometryNoder on empty intpu (GH-601, Paul Ramsey)
  • Handle case where user sets explicit absolute lib and include dirs (GH-608, Paul Ramsey)
  • Fix MinimumDiameter getMinimumRectangle for flat input (JTS-875, Martin Davis)
  • Fix HilbertEncoder difference in ARM vs x64 (GH-579, Paul Ramsey)
  • Fix BufferOp inverted ring check (JTS-878, Martin Davis)