Version 3.11.1

As part of a batch release of patches for stable branches, the 3.11.1 release of GEOS is now available to download.

Release notes for the various branches are available: 3.9.4, 3.10.4, and 3.11.1

The 3.11.1 release is a bug fix release.

  • Remove spurious version from –libs geos-config options
  • Fix PreparedGeometry to avoid crashes with EMPTY elements in input (GH-678, Martin Davis)
  • Fix LineSegment.orientationIndex(LineSegment) (GH-699, Martin Davis)
  • Fix DepthSegment comparison operation (GH-707, Martin Davis)
  • Add OverlayNG support for simple GeometryCollection inputs (GH-716, Martin Davis)
  • Fix TopologyPreservingSimplifier to produce stable results for Multi inputs (GH-718)
  • Fix WKB hex endian test (GH-720, Paul Ramsey)
  • Improve ConvexHull radial sort robustness (GH-724, Martin Davis)
  • Use more robust Delaunay Triangulation frame size heuristic (GH-728, Martin Davis)
  • Fix crash in GEOSIntersects with empty point inputs (GH-673, Dan Baston)
  • Fix RelateOp for empty geometry and closed linear geometry (TRAC-1096, Dan Baston)
  • Return 2D result on 2D input to GeometryPrecisionReducer (TRAC-1137, Dan Baston)