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Version 3.11.0

The 3.11.0 release of GEOS is now available to download.

This release includes new features for building “concave hulls” for both point and polygon input. For polygon input, the hull will be guaranteed to not cross into the interiors of the input polygons.

The line merger has been enhanced to support a mode that only merges lines which share orientation.

The offset curve algorithm has been updated to be more reliable for different kinds of semi-degenerate inputs, and may output different curves than the previous implementation, for those kinds of inputs. For “normal” inputs, the results should look very much like the old implementation.

As usual, numerous bugs have been fixed, and a few performance improvements discovered and implemented.

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Version 3.10.0

The 3.10 release of GEOS is now available to download.

  • This release includes the following new features in the C API (and of course underlying changes to the C++ code to support these features):

    • CAPI additions for testing whether geometries are within a distance of each other, GEOSDistanceWithin and GEOSPreparedDistanceWithin
    • CAPI addition for adding extra vertices to a geometry, GEOSDensify
    • CAPI additions for high-performance construction/reading of coordinate sequences from/to memory buffers, GEOSCoordSeq_copyFromArrays, GEOSCoordSeq_copyFromBuffer, GEOSCoordSeq_copyToArrays, and GEOSCoordSeq_copyToBuffer
    • CAPI addition for new validity enforement algorithm, GEOSMakeValidWithParams
    • CAPI addition for ISO WKB output, GEOSWKBWriter_getFlavor and GEOSWKBWriter_setFlavor
    • CAPI addition to create a constrained delaunay of polygonal input, GEOSConstrainedDelaunayTriangulation
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